Tastes Like Home

Tastes Like Home Trailer

Devin yang customernotea2

Player has to drag ingredients onto 2 spots on the mixing board before a 'mix!' button will appear.

Devin yang customermixbutton

Once the player clicks the 'mix!' button, there is a poof animation and a new pile of leaves is generated.

Devin yang customerdragmix

Player has to drag the tea mix over to the teacup before a 'serve!' button will appear.

Devin yang customerserve

Once served, the guest will have a dialogue reaction as to how much it has helped with their negative emotions (response is based on number of points earned versus highest possible amount of points to be earned for that guest)

Devin yang journalmockup

Tea tab is made up of rounded rectangular shapes to reinforce the cute, friendly aspect of the game. Even the font chosen reflects those values.

Devin yang customerstab

Customer tab has much more room per entry to show off the character portrait art. Otherwise, it continues the rounded aspect of the interface to reflect cuteness and friendliness.

Devin yang levelupmockup

Leveling up can occur after the player fills up the bar, which upgrades the flower icon on the left of the bar as well as the flower in the shop front.

Devin yang tealineup

Tea leaf pile assets I worked on.

Tastes Like Home

During Global Game Jam 2019, I worked on a large team of 10+ people to create a casual mix 'n match combo game where the player is the owner of a tea shop serving customers of all different fantasy races. Customers will come in with different emotions (i.e. sad, confused, sleepy, overly-energetic) and the player will try and create a mix of tea leaves that will help the customer have a better day! The player is trying to fill up their happiness bar by helping out their customers; by filling up the bar, the player can unlock more kinds of guests, new tea bases, and upgrade the shop front.

I worked as the art director, successfully making sure everyone on such a large team produced art that would fit together seamlessly. I also helped with communication between the programming team and art team, keeping everyone on the same page. I personally attended to the Journal UI, where the player can browse through all the recipes they've made, guests encountered, and tea mix assets.