Fantasy Feudal Japan Characters

Devin yang finallineup

Final Line-up

Devin yang daimyo

Daimyo. Inspired by fireflies. Contrasting blues and purples against yellows and oranges!

Devin yang villager

Villager. Cute kid in a rice hat who rides a magical scroll-carrying frog. Pushing a vibrant, childish green color here.

Devin yang empress

Empress. Wanted to really emphasize that she's in charge, so I stuck with an outfit radiant with gold.

Devin yang shogun

Shogun. Red is intimidating and a little bit of dark olive green contrasts nicely against the red as a secondary element.

Devin yang geisha

Geisha. Had the most fun with her. Chopsticks through the hair, what more can we want? :D

Devin yang samurai

Samurai. Wanted to play with wispy chi. Chose two primary colors and white as the main palette for this guy.

Devin yang ninja

Ninja. Chi chain scythe wielding badass girl. Wanted to experiment with irregular ninja clothing, and ended up with raised shoulder pads and an almost Arabian vibe.

Devin yang karyobinga

The mythical creature. I wanted to create something avian, so I went with the Karyobinga and went with the artistic direction of designing it as 100% bird.

Devin yang feudaljapancharsheet

Initial character sketches

Fantasy Feudal Japan Characters

A series of characters created for the ArtStation Feudal Japan challenge a while ago. I started pretty late, so I didn't get to render them all out in the style I am used to rendering in, but that did leave it inadvertently with more of a still-desirable cartoon-y effect. Overall, it was a pretty crazy learning experience, creating such a large cast of characters in so short a time (in the middle of a very busy semester as well). I learned a lot about color and thematic cohesion during this process. Definitely looking forward to practicing those character design skills in the next challenge!