Asgaea Character Designs

Devin yang as glitterheleguriel v3

Heleguriel [1/3] She's the leader of the Iceborn, a race of magical folk descended from the Phoenix who fled North after a devastating plague struck their homeland in the Fields of Eternal Autumn (Iaveria)

Devin yang as heleguriel concept sheet

Heleguriel [2/3] Her concept sheet complete with back view and poses

Devin yang heleguriel v3 sketchlineart

Heleguriel [3/3] Line art!

Devin yang as ralorel

Ra'Lorel [1/2] One of Heleguriel's most trusted assassins. She's cold and unfriendly to most, but she really opens up to her best friend!

Devin yang ralorelconceptsheet as

Ra'Lorel [2/2] Concept sheet complete with back view, chain blades, poses, and expressions

Devin yang arcrhing chars

Iceborn character early exploration

Devin yang mornhiril final

Morn'Hiril – Leader of the Phoenix descendants who became infected with the plague and lived to tell the tale, but in surviving, they became monsters who need to feed off magic and flesh. She wants nothing more than to live freely from being hunted

Devin yang yarel artstation

Yarel – She's a veteran warrior who has been by Morn'Hiril's side since almost the start. Even before infection, she was one of the most respected generals in the Phoenix folk's ranks. She's a good judge of character!

Devin yang as syranthia

Syranthia [1/3] She was a botanist at before the infection hit, and when she was reborn, she found herself fused with her plants who she now shares a symbiotic relationship with.

Devin yang as syranthiaconceptsheet

Syranthia [2/3] Concept sheet complete with a pose, a back view, and plant exploration

Devin yang as syranthia bust explore

Syranthia [3/3] Initial bust exploration. Wanted to go with something youthful and innocent looking as she is one of the youngest, most powerful plague survivors!

Devin yang empresssolara white

Empress Solara – Queen of a second civilization of Phoenix descendants on the other side of the realm. Wants to stop the humans from draining the world of magic. Uses her orb to scry and to cast fire spells!

Devin yang yultyra artstation

Yul'Tyra – The leader of the Empress's elite military strike force who's current mission is to make sure the demon incursion from the south is monitored and controlled. Adept with 5 telekinetically controlled spear blades!

Devin yang as invoker araenia

Invoker Araenia [1/3] The high priest/mage who serves as Solara's representative in political meetings occasionally. Ambitious to the point of sacrificing an eye to become a more powerful healer.

Devin yang as araeniaconceptsheet

Invoker Araenia [2/3] Concept sheet complete with magic casting exploration, portrait with hair down, headdress, and back view!

Devin yang silhuoettes

Invoker Araenia [3/3] Silhouette exploration. Wanted to go with something that looked very wise and very extra (lots of fabric and garments!)

Devin yang borea final

God-Queen Borea [1/3] Banished from the Sky realms and bound to the Northern region of Asgaea, she's an angry goddess who serves to keep dangers out of the North and protect a sacred relic. Helped Iceborn adjust to the North by granting them Frosted Fire

Devin yang borea flat color

God-Queen Borea [2/3] Flat colors

Devin yang borea auroralis concept sheet

God-Queen Borea [3/3] Exploration for what she would look like. I knew I wanted her colors to be based on the Northern Lights! I went with chains idea to show she is powerful but also has vulnerabilities

Devin yang as eigon shaman ilaras

Gon Shaman Il'Aras [1/2] A wise Shaman who leads his people to live a peaceful self-sustaining life hidden in an area of the El'Gon forests.

Devin yang as ilaras concept sheet

Gon Shaman Il'Aras [2/2] His concept sheet complete with front/back views and ability explorations

Devin yang king egregor

King Egregor – Leader of the largest expanding population of humans. Uses magic to fuel their way of life, thus draining Asgaea of its resources. He is fair and peaceful, but willing to embrace darkness for the needs of his people.

Devin yang lord faltreau concept sheet vf

Lord Faltreau [1/2] Came to power to lead the technologically advanced city of Afterlight after his older brother Lord died investigating a demonic presence in the South. Very intelligent, but physically weak.

Devin yang staffs vf

Lord Faltreau [2/2] Weapon/staff exploration. Wanted energy-based weapon that could adjust to his battle needs.

Devin yang incubus final copy

[Non-Asgaea] Incubus character design. He lures sinful men in with the promise of physical pleasures before killing them and harvesting their souls. He uses souls of his victims to defend himself against hunters.

Devin yang iceflowermage

[Non-Asgaea] An edgy frost mage that can raise frozen corpses and create beautiful floral ice sculptures, who gets annoyed at her legendary scepter that doesn't match with her outfit >:(

Asgaea Character Designs

Here is a compilation of all the various character designs for my imaginary world, Asgaea, I've come up with over the past couple years! Asgaea originated from a race of magical folks who descended from the legendary creature, Phoenix. There are three known races after a plague struck, ones that turned to the cold, ones that became vampiric and feral, and ones who are still doing well on the other side of the world. They live often unbeknownst of a growing demonic presence in the south as well as magic-consuming civilization of humans to the east of the El'Gon forests.

Note: A couple character designs at the end are simply fun fantasy-themed character designs.