Devin yang choice select ui layout example

In-game mock-up

Devin yang title screen layout

Title Screen

Devin yang normal dialogue ui example

In-game mock-up #2

Devin yang fam

Family Members

Devin yang grammaconceptsheet

Main Character variations

Devin yang backgroundpanel


Devin yang screen shot 2017 02 02 at 10 09 25 am

Logo ideations


Embrace is a visual novel-esque serious game meant to help cancer-surviving women transition out of hospital life and back into family or everyday life. I am working on most/all visual aspects of the game in collaboration with Celia Pearce, Casper Harteveld, Dean Thurston, Jeanie Choi, and others. The game is still a work-in-progress, so I will be updating this description with a link when a demo version is playable!